Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wheel Basics

Centering and Throwing a basic cylinder. This is reiteration of my intro to the wheel demo. Nothing can replace a hands on demo but I hope this helps reaffirm what I talk about in my demo. Get to work!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mrs. Zhou Guizhen Yixing Teapot demonstration 1a

Part 1a of an Yixing Teapot demonstration by Mrs. Zhou Gui Zhen from Dingshan

Mrs. Zhou Guizhen Yixing Teapot Demo 1b

Teapot Master Mrs. Zhou Guizhen

Zhu Jiang Long

Part 2 of an Yixing Teapot demonstration.

Pitcher This

This is a short video on the invitational pitcher show called "Pitcher This" at UNCP. My goal was to curate some of the best pitchers from around the country. I received 40 pitchers from potters all the way from California to Maine. There are 7 potters from our state, all of whom are professional potters. The 7 potters from North Carolina show off the great work of people who are making a very good living from pottery. Many other potters in the show also exemplify this while some other participants are professors from around the country and teach at some of the top universities that have a utilitarian focus. The feedback from staff, faculty and especially students was overwhelming and the show was a great success in terms of pedagogy. I mages of some of the artists working on their pieces were displayed around the gallery in conjunction which was also a great source for teaching. I wanted to again thank the artists who participated and the support from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke for making this possible.

Students guide to building an esthetic foundation

This is a short lecture for beginning students in my classes. I hope it helps you understand some of the basics on concept and esthetics and helps you as a springboard for a better understanding of contemporary ceramics.

UNCP Train Kiln

This is a quick short of the Train Kiln at UNCP. Built this summer during a special topics class I offered. Dan Murphy from Utah came to visit during the building and taught part of the class during the casting of the throat arch. The students gain so much from this experience and are now getting fired up even more!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Three Minute Teapot

ceramic work in vietnam

Ichitoujin no Yakimono

Ko Kred Pottery village

Bishnoi Pottery

TPE_NPM-Chinese Pottery between Han and Sung Dynasties

Charles Smith Pottery 1

Designed pottery

The Colibaba Pottery Studio in Radauti, Romania

Pottery in Avanos, Cappadocia, Turkey

MADtv - Antonia and pottery

Polish Pottery Factory Tour Part II

Alabama potter Jerry Brown throws a jug

The Potters of San Marcos: The Fire and the Market

The Potters of San Marcos: The Clay and the Pot

Shodai Pottery

Primitive pottery wheel

Potters: Throwing on the Wheel with Jeff Brown

Maiolica Painting with Cobalt part 1

Ceramic Lesson

Pottery painting lesson 002a

Native American Pottery in Santa Fe

Pottery in Japan

Fong Choo--forms in Miniature--Vol. 4

Fong Choo--form miniaturized Vol. 3

Fong Choo--form miniaturized-- Vol.2

Fong Choo--form miniaturized-- Vol. 1

Michael Cardew Potter

Funny guy.

Shoji Hamada Pottery

Hamada at work.